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About Patriotslist of Top Gun & Survival Directory Sites
Patriotslist is the most comprehensive active directories list of locations online where businesses and individuals can list their websites for free. Visitors can search for and find as well as vote daily for the best websites related to firearms, firearm parts and gun accessories, hunting and firearms forums, freedom groups as well as survival gear and equipment related to all of the above.

How To Join
Any American made website can join for free by clicking the JOIN link in the menu at the relevant top site. Some sites require a ranking button to be installed at the members website, some do not. Those who provide a link back from the top site always seem to rank much higher in the specific list.

Voting & How Rank Works
Most of the sites are ranked highest to lowest based on clicks or votes OUT from that top site. By clicking on the websites banner at the top site or clicking the voting button installed at the members website, a vote is registered for that site. Its best to start by clicking the banner from the top site home page, go to the site, then return to the top site by clicking the button at their site to ensure a vote is tallied. at the top site. Votes are tallied by IP address every 24 hours. Check browser security settings if votes don't tally. Internet Explorer seems to work great.

Stats, Ratings & Reviews
The sites gives listed members the ability to provide their visitors with a free moderated location online to allow visitors to view stats about the sites, submit a rating, and leave comments or reviews for their website for free. Click the stats and reviews link behind a sites text link on home pages to view detailed reviews left for that site.

Patriotslist Firearms Classifieds?
This project began and continues as an online firearms freedom mission and toolbox. The "list" has always been intended to help serve websites online who serve and help promote our Second Amendment. was once the primary domain and was promoted as a firearms classifieds site. To better serve those sites who chose to participate as gun classifieds sites, it was decided to discontinue the classifieds in order to avoid competition to those great sites. We now fortunately have a large list of gun classifieds sites available to us to maintain our ability to perform firearms transactions online.

Thanks for looking, using the sites, good luck and may a piece be with you. Please be sure to Get Out & Train!

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